Elsawin Installation Guide

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Page 1 of 8 ElsaWin INSTALLATION Installing the Program: Please scan through these installation instructions prior to trying the installation, please take each step. Pre-Install requirements: Need to have installed before you start Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe SVG Viewer Quick Summary: A simple breakdown of what needs to be done.

Audi - Workshop Manuals - Audi INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ELSAWIN AUDI WORKSHOP MANUALS PLEASE ENSURE YOU READ AND FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS This is a Professional Program with thousands of intricate details for each vehicle. The CD’s contains hundreds of workshop manuals. It is not possible to use this software unless you follow the installation instructions. ElsaWin is the electronic workshop manuals that are used by all Audi Seat VW dealerships. It is extremely comprehensive software package that requires 8 GB of hard disc space to fully install if you choose that option. Windows NT –Service pack 6a is required. For windows 200-Service pack 2 is required.

Elsawin Installation Guide

Also internet explorer 6, Acrobat reader 5 and Microsoft Data access update 2.7 are required (if you need these they are in the utility folder on the setup disk). The Keygen is also in here for dragging onto the desktop. INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS Insert the CD and explore the disc contents. There is a VW/AUDI icon ElsaWin KEYGEN in the utilities required folderClick and hold down with your mouse and drag it onto the desktop, you will need this later when given a Provisional Code, type this into the VW/AUDI icon ElsaWin Keygen and you will be given a final Code. Bijoy Bangla Windows 7 Software. Download Accelerator Plus Extension For Mozilla Firefox. Having done that now run SETUP.EXE double click this file in the installation files folder. When asked: Choose the required install language.

When prompted create a user name & password the serial number to enter is 123-12305 Before you start installing the DVD’s you will need to create a user account. Open the Elsa win administrator program from the programs mean/desktop on your computer (click start (bottom left on desktop) all programs, hover over ElsaWin, click ElsaWin administration).

Keep going through the prompted pages until successfully installed message appears. Login with username: Admin Password: Admin Select service then user setup from the top drop down menus and enter the required details. Remember to make a note of the username and password you choose. Next stage, click on the administrator box when it appears. Enter 557 as the distributor/importer data and 55700 for the workshop code. You can now exit the admin program. If at any time a 30 day trial message appears, click close.

This is not a trial version. After the username has been created and before you install the DVD’s you must run the 3.13 update, to do this open the 3.13 update folder in installation files folder and run setup.exe (ignore the error message by clicking close). Follow the prompted pages, then click finish. Insert the Audi DVD1, it will Auto-run. Click OK to install disc. When asked insert DVD2 and click enter on your keyboard.

Installing these discs may take up to 20 minutes. A shortcut will be created on your desktop titled ElsaWin. Double click this shortcut. Click OK when trial message shows. Log in with the username and password you created, if you cannot login run Elsa win administration with username admin, double click on your username click on password and resubmit your password.

When the program opens you will have a start-up screen with a multi choice menu. You will need to have the cars details to access the desired info. Scanmaster Elm Crack Keygen Serial.

~ make ~ model year ~ sales model ~ engine type ~ gear type. Or use the vehicle number. Click OK when details are entered. Workshop Manuals.biz - op Manuals.biz - The Workshop Manuals Data Base.